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Default English word list

Alright so, I took the default database from there https://skribbliohints.github.io/ and with the help of html, I extracted the words to a list separated by commas. It's useful when you want to translate those words into your native language.
Word of advice, when using google translate, do not put all words at once there, it can rapidly worsen the translation.
(And there is a last thing. Their algorithm of picking only custom words is not working really good, at least for me. Meaning that I often get duplicates, despite having a list this big and without duplicates. I'm still trying to find some solution to this, so if somebody is experiencing this as well, share the knowledge please, I will do the same.)
SOLUTION: Thanks for the reply from PepegaWR who identified the cause. I also tested it and there seems to be a custom words limit of 5000 characters. The easiest way in my opinion is to shuffle the words before each session to minimize the impact. Also thanks to the flynger who had the same idea before me :)
Finally, here it is, enjoy the scribbling ^^ :

ABBA, AC/DC, Abraham Lincoln, Adidas, Africa, Aladdin, America, Amsterdam, Android, Angelina Jolie, Angry Birds, Antarctica, Anubis, Apple, Argentina, Asia, Asterix, Atlantis, Audi, Australia, BMW, BMX, Bambi, Band-Aid, Barack Obama, Bart Simpson, Batman, Beethoven, Bible, Big Ben, Bill Gates, Bitcoin, Black Friday, Bomberman, Brazil, Bruce Lee, Bugs Bunny, Canada, Capricorn, Captain America, Cat Woman, Cerberus, Charlie Chaplin, Chewbacca, China, Chinatown, Christmas, Chrome, Chuck Norris, Colosseum, Cookie Monster, Crash Bandicoot, Creeper, Croatia, Cuba, Cupid, DNA, Daffy Duck, Darwin, Darwin Watterson, Deadpool, Dexter, Discord, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, Dora, Doritos, Dracula, Dumbo, Earth, Easter, Easter Bunny, Egypt, Eiffel tower, Einstein, Elmo, Elon Musk, Elsa, Eminem, England, Europe, Excalibur, Facebook, Family Guy, Fanta, Ferrari, Finn, Finn and Jake, Flash, Florida, France, Frankenstein, Fred Flintstone, Gandalf, Gandhi, Garfield, Germany, God, Goofy, Google, Great Wall, Greece, Green Lantern, Grinch, Gru, Gumball, Happy Meal, Harry Potter, Hawaii, Hello Kitty, Hercules, Hollywood, Home Alone, Homer Simpson, Hula Hoop, Hulk, Ikea, India, Intel, Ireland, Iron Giant, Iron Man, Israel, Italy, Jack-o-lantern, Jackie Chan, James Bond, Japan, JayZ, Jenga, Jesus Christ, Jimmy Neutron, John Cena, Johnny Bravo, KFC, Katy Perry, Kermit, Kim Jong-un, King Kong, Kirby, Kung Fu, Lady Gaga, Las Vegas, Lasagna, Lego, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo da Vinci, Lion King, London, London Eye, Luigi, MTV, Madagascar, Mario, Mark Zuckerberg, Mars, McDonalds, Medusa, Mercedes, Mercury, Mexico, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Microsoft, Milky Way, Minecraft, Miniclip, Minion, Minotaur, Mona Lisa, Monday, Monster, Mont Blanc, Morgan Freeman, Morse code, Morty, Mount Everest, Mount Rushmore, Mozart, Mr. Bean, Mr. Meeseeks, Mr Bean, Mr Meeseeks, Mummy, NASCAR, Nasa, Nemo, Neptune, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nike, Nintendo Switch, North Korea, Northern Lights, Norway, Notch, Nutella, Obelix, Olaf, Oreo, Pac-Man, Paris, Patrick, Paypal, Peppa Pig, Pepsi, Phineas and Ferb, Photoshop, Picasso, Pikachu, Pink Panther, Pinocchio, Playstation, Pluto, Pokemon, Popeye, Popsicle, Porky Pig, Portugal, Poseidon, Pringles, Pumba, Reddit, Rick, Robbie Rotten, Robin Hood, Romania, Rome, Russia, Samsung, Santa, Saturn, Scooby Doo, Scotland, Segway, Sherlock Holmes, Shrek, Singapore, Skittles, Skrillex, Skype, Slinky, Solar System, Sonic, Spain, Spartacus, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Squidward, Star Wars, Statue of Liberty, Steam, Stegosaurus, Steve Jobs, Stone Age, Sudoku, Suez Canal, Superman, Susan Wojcicki, Sydney Opera House, T-rex, Tails, Tarzan, Teletubby, Terminator, Tetris, The Beatles, Thor, Titanic, Tooth Fairy, Tower Bridge, Tower of Pisa, Tweety, Twitter, UFO, USB, Uranus, Usain Bolt, Vatican, Vault boy, Velociraptor, Venus, Vin Diesel, W-LAN, Wall-e, WhatsApp, William Shakespeare, William Wallace, Winnie the Pooh, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Xbox, Xerox, Yin and Yang, Yoda, Yoshi, Youtube, Zelda, Zeus, Zorro, Zuma, abstract, abyss, accident, accordion, ace, acid, acne, acorn, action, actor, addiction, addition, adorable, adult, advertisement, afro, afterlife, air conditioner, airbag, aircraft, airplane, airport, alarm, albatross, alcohol, alien, allergy, alley, alligator, almond, alpaca, ambulance, anaconda, anchor, angel, anglerfish, angry, animation, anime, ant, anteater, antelope, antenna, anthill, antivirus, anvil, apartment, apocalypse, applause, apple, apple pie, apple seed, apricot, aquarium, arch, archaeologist, archer, architect, aristocrat, arm, armadillo, armor, armpit, arrow, ash, assassin, assault, asteroid, astronaut, asymmetry, athlete, atom, attic, audience, autograph, avocado, axe, baboon, baby, back pain, backbone, backflip, backpack, bacon, bad, badger, bag, bagel, bagpipes, baguette, bait, bakery, baklava, balance, balcony, bald, ball, ballerina, ballet, balloon, bamboo, banana, bandage, bandana, banjo, bank, banker, bar, barbarian, barbecue, barbed wire, barber, barcode, bark, barn, barrel, bartender, base, basement, basket, basketball, bat, bathroom, bathtub, battery, battle, battleship, bayonet, bazooka, beach, beak, bean, bean bag, beanie, beanstalk, bear, bear trap, beatbox, beaver, bed, bed bug, bed sheet, bedtime, bee, beef, beer, beet, beetle, bell, bell pepper, bellow, belly, belly button, below, belt, bench, betray, bicycle, bill, billiards, bingo, binoculars, biology, birch, bird, bird bath, birthday, biscuit, bite, black, black hole, blackberry, blacksmith, blanket, bleach, blender, blimp, blind, blindfold, blizzard, blood, blowfish, blue, blueberry, blush, boar, board, boat, bobsled, bodyguard, boil, bomb, booger, book, bookmark, bookshelf, boomerang, boots, border, bottle, bottle flip, bounce, bouncer, bow, bowl, bowling, box, boy, bracelet, braces, brain, brainwash, branch, brand, bread, breakfast, breath, brick, bricklayer, bride, bridge, broadcast, broccoli, broken heart, bronze, broom, broomstick, brownie, bruise, brunette, brush, bubble, bubble gum, bucket, building, bulge, bull, bulldozer, bullet, bumper, bungee jumping, bunk bed, bunny, burglar, burp, burrito, bus, bus driver, bus stop, butcher, butler, butt cheeks, butter, butterfly, button, cab driver, cabin, cabinet, cactus, cage, cake, calendar, camel, camera, campfire, camping, can, can opener, canary, candle, canister, cannon, canyon, cap, cape, cappuccino, captain, car wash, cardboard, carnival, carnivore, carpenter, carpet, carrot, cartoon, cash, casino, cast, cat, catalog, catapult, caterpillar, catfish, cathedral, cauldron, cauliflower, cave, caveman, caviar, ceiling, ceiling fan, celebrate, celebrity, cell, cell phone, cello, cement, centaur, centipede, chain, chainsaw, chair, chalk, chameleon, champagne, champion, chandelier, charger, cheek, cheeks, cheerleader, cheese, cheeseburger, cheesecake, cheetah, chef, chemical, cherry, cherry blossom, chess, chest, chest hair, chestnut, chestplate, chew, chicken, chihuahua, child, chime, chimney, chimpanzee, chin, chinchilla, chocolate, chopsticks, church, cicada cigarette, cinema, circle, circus, clap, clarinet, classroom, claw, clay, clean, clickbait, cliff, climb, cloak, clock, cloth, clothes hanger, cloud, clover, clown, clownfish, coach, coal, coast, coast guard, coaster, coat, cobra, cockroach, cocktail, coconut, cocoon, coffee, coffee shop, coffin, coin, cola, cold, collapse, collar, color-blind, comb, comedian, comedy, comet, comfortable, comic book, commander, commercial, communism, community, compass, complete, computer, concert, condiment, cone, confused, console, continent, controller, conversation, cookie, cookie jar, copper, copy, coral, coral reef, cord, cork, corkscrew, corn, corn dog, corner, cornfield, corpse, cotton, cotton candy, country, cousin, cow, cowbell, cowboy, coyote, crab, crack, crate, crawl space, crayon, cream, credit, credit card, cricket, cringe, crocodile, croissant, crossbow, crow, crowbar, crucible, cruise, crust, crystal, cube, cuckoo, cucumber, cup, cupboard, cupcake, curry, curtain, cushion, customer, cut, cute, cyborg, cylinder, cymbal, dagger, daisy, dalmatian, dance, dandelion, dandruff, darts, dashboard, daughter, day, dead, deaf, deep, deer, defense, delivery, demon, demonstration, dent, dentist, deodorant, depressed, derp, desert, desk, desperate, dessert, detective, detonate, dew, diagonal, diagram, diamond, diaper, dice, dictionary, die, diet, dig, dinner, dinosaur, diploma, dirty, disaster, disease, dishrag, dispenser, display, diss track, distance, diva, divorce, dizzy, dock, doctor, dog, doghouse, doll, dollar, dollhouse, dolphin, dome, dominoes, donkey, door, doorknob, dots, double, dough, download, dragon, dragonfly, drain, drama, drawer, dream, dress, drink, drip, drive, driver, drool, droplet, drought, drum, drum kit, duck, duct tape, duel, dwarf, dynamite, eagle, ear, earbuds, earthquake, earwax, east, eat, echo, eclipse, eel, egg, eggplant, elbow, elder, election, electric car, electric guitar, electrician, electricity, elephant, elevator, embers, emerald, emoji, employer, emu, end, engine, engineer, equator, eraser, error, eskimo, espresso, evaporate, evening, evolution, exam, excavator, exercise, explosion, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, eye shadow, fabric, fabulous, facade, face, face paint, factory, failure, fairy, fake teeth, fall, family, farm, farmer, fashion designer, fast, fast food, fast forward, father, faucet, feather, fence, fencing, fern, festival, fidget spinner, field, figurine, filmmaker, filter, finger, fingernail, fingertip, fire alarm, fire hydrant, fire truck, fireball, firecracker, firefighter, firefly, firehouse, fireman, fireplace, fireproof, fireside, firework, fish, fish bowl, fisherman, fist fight, fitness trainer, fizz, flag, flagpole, flamethrower, flamingo, flashlight, flask, flea, flight attendant, flock, floodlight, floppy disk, florist, flower, flu, fluid, flush, flute, fly, fly swatter, flying pig, fog, foil, folder, food, forehead, forest, forest fire, fork, fort, fortress, fortune, fossil, fountain, fox, frame, freckles, freezer, fridge, fries, frog, frostbite, frosting, frown, fruit, full, full moon, funeral, funny, fur, furniture, galaxy, gang, gangster, garage, garbage, garden, gardener, garlic, gas, gas mask, gasoline, gasp, gate, gem, gender, generator, genie, gentle, gentleman, geography, germ, geyser, ghost, giant, gift, giraffe, girl, gladiator, glass, glasses, glitter, globe, gloss, glove, glow, glowstick, glue, glue stick, gnome, goal, goat, goatee, goblin, godfather, gold, gold chain, golden apple, golden egg, goldfish, golf, golf cart, good, goose, gorilla, graduation, graffiti, grandmother, grapefruit, grapes, graph, grass, grasshopper, grave, gravedigger, gravel, graveyard, gravity, greed, grenade, grid, grill, grin, groom, grumpy, guillotine, guinea pig, guitar, gumball, gummy, gummy bear, gummy worm, hacker, hair, hair roller, hairbrush, haircut, hairspray, hairy, half, halo, ham, hamburger, hammer, hammock, hamster, hand, handicap, handle, handshake, hanger, happy, harbor, hard, hard hat, harmonica, harp, harpoon, hashtag, hat, hazard, hazelnut, head, headache, headband, headboard, heading, headphones, health, heart, heat, hedgehog, heel, heist, helicopter, hell, helmet, hen, hermit, hero, hexagon, hibernate, hieroglyph, high five, high heels, high score, highway, hilarious, hill, hip hop, hippie, hippo, hitchhiker, hive, hobbit, hockey, holiday, homeless, honey, honeycomb, hoof, hook, hop, hopscotch, horizon, horn, horse, horsewhip, hose, hospital, hot, hot chocolate, hot dog, hot sauce, hotel, hourglass, house, hovercraft, hug, hummingbird, hunger, hunter, hurdle, hurt, husband, hut, hyena, hypnotize, iPad, iPhone, ice, ice cream, ice cream truck, iceberg, icicle, idea, imagination, impact, incognito, industry, infinite, injection, insect, inside, insomnia, internet, intersection, interview, invasion, invention, invisible, iron, island, ivy, jacket, jackhammer, jaguar, jail, jalapeno, janitor, jaw, jazz, jeans, jeep, jello, jelly, jellyfish, jester, jet ski, joker, journalist, journey, judge, juggle, juice, jump rope, jungle, junk food, kangaroo, karaoke, karate, katana, kazoo, kebab, keg, kendama, ketchup, kettle, key, keyboard, kidney, kindergarten, king, kiss, kitchen, kite, kitten, kiwi, knee, kneel, knife, knight, knot, knuckle, koala, kraken, label, laboratory, ladder, lady, ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, landlord, landscape, lane, language, lantern, lap, laptop, laser, lasso, laundry, lava, lava lamp, lawn mower, lawyer, leader, leaf, leak, leash, leather, leave, leech, legs, lemon, lemonade, lemur, lens, leprechaun, lettuce, levitate, librarian, library, licorice, lid, light bulb, lighter, lighthouse, lightning, lightsaber, lily, lilypad, limbo, lime, limousine, line, link, lion, lips, lipstick, litter box, lizard, llama, loading, loaf, lobster, lock, log, logo, lollipop, loot, loser, lotion, lottery, lounge, love, low, luck, luggage, lumberjack, lung, lynx, lyrics, macaroni, machine, macho, mafia, magazine, magic, magic trick, magic wand, magician, magma, magnet, magnifier, maid, mailbox, mailman, makeup, mall, mammoth, manatee, manhole, manicure, mannequin, mansion, mantis, map, maracas, marathon, marble, margarine, marigold, market, marmalade, marmot, marshmallow, mascot, mask, massage, match, matchbox, mattress, mayonnaise, mayor, maze, meal, meat, meatball, meatloaf, mechanic, meerkat, megaphone, melon, melt, meme, mermaid, message, messy, metal, meteorite, microphone, microscope, microwave, midnight, military, milk, milkman, milkshake, mime, miner, minigolf, minivan, mint, minute, mirror, missile, model, mohawk, mold, mole, money, monk, monkey, monster, moon, moose, mop, morning, mosquito, moss, moth, mothball, mother, motherboard, motorbike, motorcycle, mountain, mouse, mousetrap, mouth, movie, mud, muffin, mug, murderer, muscle, museum, mushroom, musket, mustache, mustard, nachos, nail, nail file, nail polish, napkin, narwhal, nature, navy, neck, needle, neighbor, neighborhood, nerd, nest, network, newspaper, nickel, night, nightclub, nightmare, ninja, noob, noodle, north, nose, nose hair, nose ring, nosebleed, nostrils, notebook, notepad, nothing, notification, novel, nugget, nuke, nun, nurse, nut, nutcracker, nutmeg, nutshell, oar, observatory, ocean, octagon, octopus, office, oil, old, omelet, onion, open, opera, orange, orangutan, orbit, orca, orchestra, orchid, organ, origami, ostrich, otter, outside, oval, overweight, owl, oxygen, oyster, paddle, page, pain, paint, paintball, pajamas, palace, palette, palm, palm tree, pan, pancake, panda, panpipes, panther, pants, papaya, paper, paper bag, parachute, parade, parakeet, parents, park, parking, parrot, party, password, pasta, pastry, path, patient, patio, patriot, pause, pavement, paw, peace, peach, peacock, peanut, pear, peas, peasant, pedal, pelican, pencil, pencil case, pencil sharpener, pendulum, penguin, peninsula, penny, pensioner, pepper, pepperoni, perfume, periscope, person, pet food, pet shop, petal, pharmacist, photo frame, photograph, photographer, piano, pickaxe, pickle, picnic, pie, pig, pigeon, piggy bank, pigsty, pike, pill, pillar, pillow, pillow fight, pilot, pimple, pin, pinball, pine, pine cone, pineapple, pink, pinky, pinwheel, pipe, pirate, pirate ship, pistachio, pistol, pitchfork, pizza, plague, planet, plank, plate, platypus, player, playground, plow, plug, plumber, plunger, pocket, pogo stick, point, poison, poisonous, poke, polar bear, policeman, pollution, polo, pond, pony, ponytail, poodle, poop, poor, popcorn, pope, poppy, popular, porch, porcupine, portal, portrait, positive, postcard, poster, pot, pot of gold, potato, potion, pound, powder, prawn, pray, preach, pregnant, present, president, pretzel, price tag, priest, prince, princess, printer, prism, prison, pro, procrastination, professor, programmer, promotion, protest, provoke, prune, pub, pudding, puddle, puffin, puma, pumpkin, punishment, punk, puppet, purity, purse, puzzle, pyramid, quarter, queen, queue, quicksand, quill, quilt, quokka, raccoon, race, racecar, radar, radiation, radio, radish, raft, rail, rain, rainbow, raincoat, raindrop, rainforest, raisin, rake, ram, ramp, rapper, raspberry, rat, ravioli, razor, razorblade, read, reality, reception, receptionist, record, rectangle, recycling, red, red carpet, reeds, referee, reflection, reindeer, relationship, religion, remote, repeat, reptile, rest, restaurant, retail, revolver, rewind, rhinoceros, rib, ribbon, rice, ring, ringtone, risk, river, roadblock, robber, robin, robot, rock, rocket, rockstar, roll, roof, room, rooster, root, rose, royal, rubber, ruby, rug, ruler, run, rune, sad, saddle, safari, safe, sailboat, salad, sale, saliva, salmon, salt, saltwater, sand, sand castle, sandbox, sandstorm, sandwich, satellite, sauce, sauna, sausage, saxophone, scar, scarecrow, scarf, scary, scent, school, science, scientist, scissors, scoop, score, scream, screen, screw, scribble, scuba, sculpture, scythe, sea, sea lion, seafood, seagull, seahorse, seal, search, seashell, seasick, season, seat belt, seaweed, second, security, seed, seesaw, semicircle, sensei, server, sew, sewing machine, shadow, shake, shallow, shampoo, shape, shark, shaving cream, sheep, shelf, shell, shipwreck, shirt, shock, shoe, shoebox, shoelace, shop, shopping, shopping cart, short, shotgun, shoulder, shout, shovel, shower, shrew, shrub, shy, sick, signature, silence, silo, silver, silverware, sing, sink, sit, six pack, skateboard, skateboarder, skates, skeleton, ski, ski jump, skin, skinny, skribbl.io, skull, skunk, sky, skydiving, skyline, skyscraper, slam, sledge, sledgehammer, sleep, sleeve, slide, slime, slingshot, slippery, slope, sloth, slow, slump, smell, smile, smoke, snail, snake, sneeze, sniper, snow, snowball, snowball fight, snowboard, snowflake, snowman, soap, soccer, social media, socket, socks, soda, soil, soldier, sombrero, son, sound, soup, south, space, space suit, spaceship, spade, spaghetti, spark, sparkles, spatula, speaker, spear, spelunker, sphinx, spider, spin, spinach, spine, spiral, spit, spoiler, sponge, spool, spoon, spore, sports, spray paint, spring, sprinkler, spy, square, squid, squirrel, stab, stadium, stage, stamp, stand, stapler, star, starfish, starfruit, statue, steam, step, stereo, sting, stingray, stomach, stone, stoned, stop sign, stork, storm, stove, straw, strawberry, streamer, street, stress, strong, student, studio, study, stylus, submarine, subway, sugar, suitcase, summer, sun, sunburn, sunflower, sunglasses, sunrise, sunshade, supermarket, superpower, surface, surfboard, surgeon, survivor, sushi, swag, swamp, swan, swarm, sweat, sweater, swimming pool, swimsuit, swing, switch, sword, swordfish, symphony, table, table tennis, tablecloth, tablet, tabletop, taco, tadpole, tail, tailor, take off, talent show, tampon, tangerine, tank, tape, tarantula, target, taser, tattoo, taxi, taxi driver, tea, teacher, teapot, tear, teaspoon, teddy bear, telephone, telescope, television, temperature, tennis, tennis racket, tent, tentacle, text, thermometer, thief, thin, think, thirst, throat, throne, thug, thumb, thunder, thunderstorm, ticket, tickle, tie, tiger, time machine, timpani, tiny, tip, tiramisu, tire, tired, tissue, tissue box, toad, toast, toaster, toe, toenail, toilet, tomato, tomb, tombstone, tongue, toolbox, tooth, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpick, top hat, torch, tornado, torpedo, tortoise, totem, toucan, touch, tourist, tow truck, towel, tower, toy, tractor, traffic, traffic light, trailer, train, translate, trap, trapdoor, trash can, traveler, treadmill, treasure, tree, treehouse, trend, triangle, trick shot, tricycle, trigger, triplets, tripod, trombone, trophy, tropical, truck, truck driver, trumpet, tuba, tug, tumor, tuna, tunnel, turd, turkey, turnip, turtle, tuxedo, twig, type, udder, ukulele, umbrella, uncle, underground, underweight, undo, unibrow, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, universe, upgrade, vacation, vaccine, vacuum, valley, vampire, vanilla, vanish, vault, vegetable, vegetarian, vein, vent, vertical, veterinarian, victim, victory, video, video game, village, villain, vine, vinegar, viola, violence, violin, virtual reality, virus, vise, vision, vitamin, vlogger, vodka, volcano, volleyball, volume, vomit, voodoo, vortex, vote, vulture, vuvuzela, waffle, waist, waiter, wake up, walk, wall, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, warehouse, warm, wart, wasp, watch, water, water cycle, water gun, waterfall, wave, wax, weak, wealth, weapon, weasel, weather, web, website, wedding, welder, well, werewolf, west, western, whale, wheel, wheelbarrow, whisk, whisper, whistle, white, wife, wig, wiggle, willow, wind, windmill, window, windshield, wine, wine glass, wing, wingnut, winner, winter, wire, wireless, witch, witness, wizard, wolf, wonderland, woodpecker, wool, work, workplace, world, worm, wound, wrapping, wreath, wrench, wrestler, wrestling, wrinkle, wrist, writer, x-ray, xylophone, yacht, yardstick, yawn, yearbook, yellow, yeti, yo-yo, yogurt, yolk, young, youtuber, zebra, zeppelin, zigzag, zipline, zipper, zombie, zoo, zoom,
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Official Buying/Selling Warriors @ Rockets Games 3 & 4 MegaThread
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Rockets Game 3 & 4 Tickets
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Game 3 & 4 Tickets
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Selling 4x Houston Club Level Tickets
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Jason Garrett after this Offensive Performance
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WCF Home Games for Sale
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Miners, I can lock you into a price.
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Can't find a spot in a crowded parking lot? Park at an electric charging station. It's not illegal and the owner probably can't tell that your vehicle is not a hybrid.
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List of moderately difficult skribbl words for your new friend group (1200+ words)

That is to say that this list contains words that this list contains words that:
  1. Usually aren't instantly guess-able (like star, apple, or Nike).
  2. Can be played with a group of acquaintances (I play with a group of interns at work to blow off time)
Created this list by modifying an existing difficult word list we found online and adding a bunch of new words. If you see a stupid difficult word, it was probably a word from the existing difficult word list that I forgot to remove. (amicable and reimbursement were the type of bs I removed lol).
abraham lincoln, accordion, accounting, acre, actor, adidas, advertisement, air conditioner, aircraft carrier, airport security, alarm clock, alcohol, alert, alice in wonderland, alphabet, altitude, amusement park, angel, angle, angry, ankle, apathetic, apathy, apparatus, applause, application, apron, archaeologist, archer, armada, arrows, art gallery, ashamed, asteroid, athlete, atlantis, atlas, atmosphere, attack, attic, audi, aunt, austin powers, australia, author, avalanche, avocado, award, baby, baby-sitter, back flip, back seat, baggage, baguette, baker, balance beam, bald, balloon, bamboo, banister, barbershop, barney, baseboards, bat, beans, beanstalk, beard, bed and breakfast, bedbug, beer pong, belt, beluga whale, berlin wall, bible, biceps, bikini, binder, biohazard, biology, birthday, biscuit, bisexual, bitcoin, black hole, blacksmith, bleach, blizzard, blueprint, bluetooth, blunt, blush, boa constrictor, bobsled, bonnet, book, bookend, bookstore, border, boromir, bottle cap, boulevard, boundary, bow tie, bowling, boxing, braces, brain, brainstorm, brand, bride, bride wig, bruise, brunette, bubble, bubble bath, bucket, buckle, buffalo, bugs bunny, bulldog, bumble bee, bunny, burrito, bus, bushel, butterfly, buzz lightyear, cabin, cable car, cadaver, cake, calculator, calendar, calf, calm, camera, cannon, cape, captain, captain america, car, car accident, carat, cardboard, carnival, carpenter, carpet, cartography, cartoon, cartoonist, castaway, castle, cat, catalog, cattle, cd, ceiling, cell, cellar, centimetre, centipede, century, chain mail, chain saw, chair, champion, chandelier, channel, chaos, charger, chariot, chariot racing, check, cheerleader, cheerleader dust, chef, chemical, cherub, chess, chevrolet, chick-fil-a, chicken coop, chicken legs, chicken nugget, chime, chimney, china, chisel, chord, church, circus tent, clamp, classroom, cleaning spray, cliff, cliff diving, climate, clique, cloak, clog, clown, clue, coach, coast, cockpit, coconut, coffee, coil, comedian, comfy, commercial, community, companion, company, compare, comparison, compromise, computer, computer monitor, con, confidant, confide, consent, constrictor, convenience store, conversation, convertible, conveyor belt, copyright, cord, corduroy, coronavirus, correct, cot, country, county fair, courthouse, cousin, cowboy, coworker, cramp, crane, cranium, crate, crayon, cream, creator, credit, crew, crib, crime, crisp, criticize, crop duster, crow's nest, cruise, cruise ship, crumbs, crust, cubicle, cubit, cupcake, curtain, cushion, customer, cutlass, czar, dab, daffy duck, dance, danger, darth vader, darts, dashboard, daughter, dead end, deadpool, deceive, decipher, deep, default, defect, degree, deliver, demanding, demon, dent, dentist, deodorant, depth, descendant, destruction, detail, detective, diagonal, dice, dictate, disco, disc jockey, discovery, disgust, dismantle, distraction, ditch, diver, diversify, diversity, diving, divorce, dizzy, dodge ball, dog, dolphin, donald trump, doorbell, doppelganger, dorsal, double, doubloon, doubt, doubtful, download, downpour, dragon, drain, dream, dream works, dress shirt, drift, drip, dripping, drive-through, drought, drowning, drugstore, dryer, dryer sheet, dryer sheets, dugout, dumbbell, dumbo, dust, dust bunny, duvet, earache, earmuffs, earthquake, economics, edge, edit, education, eel, effect, egg, eiffel tower, eighteen-wheeler, electrical outlet, elf, elope, emigrate, emotions, emperor, employee, enemy, engaged, equation, error, eureka, everglades, evolution, exam, exercise, exhibition, expired, explore, exponential, extension, extension cord, eyeball, fabric, factory, fad, fade, fake flowers, family tree, fan, fast food, faucet, feather, feeder road, feeling, ferris wheel, fiddle, figment, finding nemo, firefighter, firefox, fireman, fireman pole, fireplace, fireside, fireworks, first class, first mate, fish bone, fishing, fizz, flag, flat, flavor, flight, flip flops, flock, florist, flotsam, flowchart, flower, flu, flute, flutter, flying saucer, fog, foil, food court, football player, forklift, form, forrest gump, fossil, fowl, fragment, frame, fresh water, freshwater, friction, fries, front, frost, fuel, full, full moon, fun, fun house, funnel, fur, galaxy, gallon, gallop, game, gamer, garden, garden hose, gas station, gasoline, gavel, gentleman, geologist, germ, germany, geyser, giant, ginger, giraffe, gladiator, glasses, glitter, glue, glue stick, goalkeeper, goatee, goblin, gold, gold medal, golden retriever, gondola, good-bye, government, gown, graduation, grain, grandpa, gratitude, graveyard, gravity, great-grandfather, grenade, grill, grim reaper, groom, groot, group, guess, guillotine, gumball, guru, gymnast, hail, hair dryer, haircut, half, hand soap, handful, handle, hang, hang glider, hang ten, harry potter, hawaii, hay wagon, hearse, heater, heaven, helmet, hermit crab, high heel, high tops, highchair, hitler, hockey, homework, honk, hoodies, hoop, 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positive champion, post, post office, practice, president, preteen, prey, prime meridian, printer ink, prize, produce, professor, profit, promise, propose, protestant, psychologist, publisher, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, punching bag, punishment, punk, puppet, putty, quadrant, quarantine, quartz, queue, quicksand, quit, quiver, raccoon, race, raft, rage, rainbow, raindrop, rainwater, random, raphael, ratatouille, ratchet, ray, reaction, realm, ream, receipt, recess, record, recorder, recycle, referee, refund, regret, religion, remain, resourceful, rest stop, retail, retire, reveal, revenge, reward, rhyme, rhythm, rib, rick and morty, riddle, right, rim, rind, ringleader, risk, rival, robe, robot, rock band, rocket, rodeo, roller coaster, roommate, roundabout, rowboat, rubber, ruby, rudder, runt, rv, s'mores, safe, salmon, salt, sand castle, sandbox, sandbox bruise, sandpaper, santa claus, sap, sapphire, sash, sasquatch, satellite, saturn, sausage, saxophone, scarf, scatter, schedule, school, 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zombieland, zoo
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[H] Games Listed [W] Nothing

5-6 of keys are already used but I have no idea which ones :A. one key per person
AppleSnake2 |
SnappleNoid |
JellyNoid |
Dark Snow |
Only One |
!4RC4N01D! |
O'Fox Life |
Peace Phantom |
Mumps |
Sky Jump |
Aeve:Zero Gravity
Redium |
Mini Knight |
Stickman Safe and Destroy |
Colorless Life |
Bit-Boom |
Christmas Mission |
Clumsy Chef |
Cunning Fox |
Favorite Miner |
Galactic Battles
Guinea-Pig |
Headache |
Mountain Troll |
Spaceguy |
Unstoppable Hamster |
Werewolf Life |
Olympic Team |
!4RC4N01D! 2: Retro Edition |
Stickman Race Draw |
Super Meat Shooter |
Forgotten Land |
Clergyman |
Cute Hedgehog |
Harmless Skeleton |
It`s Chicken! |
Only You |
Airstrike One |
Pixelord |
Protect Me |
Snakeez |
StepX |
The Thing: Space X |
FoxyLand |
Mr.Jezko |
Don't Fall |
Dabda |
Qubika |
Need For Gowna |
Sos i Pie Sos |
Arkasha |
A Little Rabbit Story |
Club of fighters |
Space Mining |
The Last Hero |
The Scarecrow |
Cowboy Escape |
Shoottera |
Greedy Trolley |
The Old Kazulka |
Cuco |
NeoBalls |
NeoBalls2 |
RollingBall |
Ninja jump |
Silent Tweets |
Beach Restaurant |
The Moon Night |
Space Lagat |
Bitcoin Clicker |
Attack Of Insects |
Epic PVP Castles |
Z69 |
Brutal Runner |
Immortal Heroes |
Piggy Poggy Pog |
Psi Project: Legacy |
Soldier of Failure: Operation Zombie |
Dark Maze |
SpaceShot |
PLAYERUNKN1WN: Friendly Fire |
Your Bunny Wrote
Snake Road to apple |
Evil Come |
Stone Flower |
Lock Parsing |
AppleSnake |
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Just some thoughts on Colin's Voice of Blockchain panel appearance...

I watched the Voice of Blockchain event (thank you Mica!).
My thoughts are:
1) The BTC Cowboy came out swinging - he had one question for the first round of questions, and it was attempting to push Colin around. This is a great thing! We want them to be scared. If Nano disrupts BTC's market, BTC people will be intimidated and will push back.
2) Colin's discussion of blockchain security was not strong. Colin missed the first chance to present the node decentralization and incentives to secure an ecosystem you believe in, the proliferation of nodes globally and strategy to make node adoption more secure and easy. Strategy exists at the core dev level, but wasn't really presented. I wonder if he was flustered by being pushed by the BTC Cowboy - Colin punched back a few times and tried to keep BTC Cowboy in check when he was discussing Decred.
3) BTC Cowboy comes across like a douche. Colin was ready to point out that only a useful cryptocurrency is the only type that should anticipate being adopted, and this was a threat to BTC Cowboy.
4) Colin had a chance to push against BTC Cowboy's claim of decentralization through mining (eg. https://medium.com/@homakov/stop-calling-bitcoin-decentralized-cb703d69dc27), and present a rebuttal to the BTC Cowboy's comments that Enigma is not decentralized because it is a layer on a layer - is not BTC's lightning network a layer on a layer? (1) That NANO doesn't add a layer on a layer, (2) that nodes are easier and cheaper to establish than a massive, energy-devouring mining system, and (3) that running a node makes sense financially if you have a stake in the system make nano more decentralized and moving towards decentralization. Given BTC miner's massive investment in mining rigs and such, how would they vote against their financial interest to make BTC less centralized or to improve scalability?
Overall, I think Colin did very well. He was respectful, confident, articulate in some ways.
I suspect his role will continue to involve more of these types of debates/discussions and could benefit from debate prep like what political candidates do - facing opposition who will be increasingly rude and who attack your perspective. I wonder if this is something the core team does to prepare for these types of events?
Here's a list of debate prep points from David Gergen https://shorensteincenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/David-Gergens-20-General-Tips-for-Political-Debates.pdf). What would happen if Colin built and supported the case that Nano is a better realization of Nakamoto's original vision than BTC currently, and that the idea of what BTC is has changed over time?
In contrast to all this, the best argument is a winning product. Proud of our core team - good work folks. Glad to be a part of the nano community/ecosystem.
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All the dropped story lines [Season 8 Spoilers]

Just gonna ramble about all the story lines started and dropped this season, I'll probably miss a few, add them in.
I swear this season was like a kid with a toy on story lines, they would drop something as quickly as they wrote it in.
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Bitcoin (BTC) in Space: How Cryptocurrency Solves Interplanetary Payments

Bitcoin (BTC) in Space: How Cryptocurrency Solves Interplanetary Payments

Space exploration and colonization is an inevitable reality in the future. NASA and private corporations like SpaceX and Blue Origin already have the technology to launch missions to other planets, but they are taking their time to raise funds and ensure 100 percent success.
SpaceX says it will land people on Mars by 2024.
The richest man in the world and Founder of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, says he will create a large moon colony with or without NASA’s help.
Bitcoin with its instant, decentralized, and secure transactions that travel at the speed of light is obviously the perfect currency for space, but there are some downsides.
Here, we’ll explore the benefits of using Bitcoin in space as well as the caveats.
The cost of “launching” Bitcoin into space is simply the transaction fee, usually less than $1, plus however much it costs for the high powered antennas to communicate with the internet across long distances in space.
Compare this to fiat cash money, which would be impractical to launch into space due to the costs of rocket fuel. Launching a $20 bill into space costs $22. Perhaps launching $100 bills into space will work, but the fee would still be hard to stomach, and residents of the moon or other planets will not have any small bills or coins.
Perhaps a fiat system could be set up with all the $100 bills stored in a central repository and then people use digital ledgers to keep track, but why go through all that trouble if Bitcoin already solves this problem.
Decentralized currency will be important in space. For example, if Jeff Bezos decides to leave the Earth and become the emperor of the moon, there could be backlash from Earth governments.
This may sound outlandish, but it is inevitable that once colonization of other planets begins new countries will eventually form that have no territory on Earth. In the moon colony example, if they have USD bank accounts, they could find that all their cash becomes instantly frozen at the first sign of political trouble.
It will be just about impossible for a country on the moon or another planet to get their money back in the event of an account seizure. Just like Donald Trump says make America great again, whoever is President in the future could say make Earth great again, and seize all of the bank accounts of interplanetary nations in order to subsidize Earth’s economy. Space nations will need Bitcoin in order to conduct interplanetary commerce without the threat of account seizures.
The problem with centralized currency becomes even more severe for the space cowboys, people who go off into space and decide to do whatever they want to do. If they break a law in any jurisdiction, which could be as simple as taking their ship off-planet without permission, they would have their bank accounts frozen.
The only option for rogue space adventurers is to carry currency with them onboard, since if their bank is frozen, and they are depending on the bank, they will either die in space or have to go back to their planet and get arrested.
Due to the scarcity of cash in space, the only good option for space cowboys would be gold or Bitcoin. Gold is heavy, and would cost tremendous fees in the form of rocket fuel everytime they liftoff from a planet. Also, holding a large amount of gold on a spaceship would make them easy targets for space pirates. Bitcoin would never cost anything during liftoff, since it is on the internet, and it cannot be stolen unless the private key is given over.
Further, imagine if someone gets a job from an employer on another planet, which will be quite common in the interplanetary economy. Workers would likely never even meet their bosses, and the workers perhaps would not want the native currency on their employer’s planet, since they would never be able to physically own it.
Bitcoin can be personally owned no matter where people are in space, since Bitcoin is cryptographically secure, and possession of the private key provides full ownership, in the same way, holding cash in your wallet is full ownership.
As is already being witnessed on Earth, Bitcoin is a universal currency. Instead of making a complicated FOREX system in space wrought with account seizures and third parties, it makes much more sense to just use Bitcoin. A space economy fueled by Bitcoin would be far more liquid and efficient than a fiat currency economy.
There are caveats to using Bitcoin in space due to the speed of light. Bitcoin transactions would only be able to travel across space at the speed of light. This means it takes 1.28 seconds for Bitcoin to reach the moon from the Earth, three minutes to reach Mars, 33 minutes to reach Jupiter, and 67 minutes to reach Saturn. Double these times and add 10 minutes for the average Bitcoin transaction confirmation time on other planets.
We mention Jupiter and Saturn because they have numerous moons that are ripe for colonization and could be a hotspot for human civilization in the future.
The transaction times to other planets, even for Saturn which is over an hour, is not a major issue. Even if transactions take a long time to propagate to Earth and confirm, they would still be confirmed. Perhaps people on other planets should put the maximum sensible transaction fees to ensure that transactions confirm as quickly as possible once received.
Clearly, Bitcoin will no longer be instantaneous in space, since transactions would not even show up on the block explorer until the transaction propagates to Earth and back, but it will work.
Mining Bitcoin on other planets is a major dilemma. On the moon, mining Bitcoin will still be quite doable, since the few seconds delay is not going to prevent miners from striking blocks on the moon, it will just put them at a slight disadvantage.
Mining on Mars is where problems will begin. If a miner on Mars strikes a block, and someone on Earth finds the block in the 3 minutes it takes the Martian block to reach Earth, the Martian miner will not get paid. Some truly stubborn miners may mine Bitcoin on Mars, but they will be at an extreme disadvantage, and they will not profit nearly as much as Earth miners.
On the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, mining Bitcoin becomes intractable. In the 33 minutes and 67 minutes respectively it takes Bitcoin transactions to reach Earth, the Jupiter and Saturn miners will be disenfranchised 100 percent of the time. This actually makes Bitcoin centralized, at least on a planetary scale since whichever planet has the most hash rate will get all the block rewards.
This is just an Earth-centric view, however. Since Bitcoin is decentralized, another planet could generate 50 percent or more of the hash rate and disenfranchise all of the miners on Earth. To prevent this sort of thing from happening, perhaps it would be best to have Bitcoin Jupiter, Bitcoin Saturn, Bitcoin Earth, and so forth.
Versions of Bitcoin for different planets is especially important, considering that a planet that achieves a significant hash rate, but not a majority hash rate, would be dealing with constant forks.
For example, miners on the moons of Saturn may verify transactions and put them into blocks, only to have their chain orphaned whenever a transmission is received from Earth. If every planet is using the same version of Bitcoin, it would be much less confusing and more secure to only have miners on one of the planets.
Since it will be many years before colonization of other moons and planets becomes a reality, perhaps the Bitcoin developers will have time to optimize Bitcoin for use in space, to remove these caveats and ensure Bitcoin functions perfectly in space.
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Miners sell equipment "by kilo". If the price of Bitcoin will go dipper will there be a hardfork to PoS?

With news of miners sell equipment "by kilo", i'm just returning to my question at the beginning of the year about possible network stop. Lets see how many cowboys we have.

And new question. If the price of Bitcoin will go dipper will there be a hardfork to PoS?
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If price continue to drop will it lead to stop of the network because for miners mining will become unprofitable?

In September 2017 John McAfee in one of the interviews said, that it's worths to his company $ 1000 to mine 1 Bitcoin. From that moment difficulity of the network has rised 3 times and miners revenue got cuted as well. Right now payback period of any mining equipment is already more than 200 days.
Or real cowboys mine even at loss?
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[H] Huge Steam Game List [W] PayPal or Offer

Keys for $0.07 each or offer or $12 for all:
!4RC4N01D! !4RC4N01D! 2: Retro Edition !4RC4N01D! 3: Cold Space !4RC4N01D! 4: KOHBEEP edition !LABrpgUP! !Peace Phantom2! #RunningSnake 80's style A Little Rabbit Story Abstractism Achievement printer part 1 Adventure Rage Aik's Cheese Adventures Airbo Airstrike One AppleSnake ArcBall Archibald Arctic Cave Aviation Hurricane Storm BAIKO Baikonur Space Battle of Frigates Big Surprise Bitcoin Bitcoin Clicker Bitcoin Miner Bitcoin Minia BLOK DROP NEO Boat Adventure Brutal Runner Bubble Strike Bunny Hop Burst into Christmas Mission Clergyman Club of fighters Clumsy Chef Cobi Treasure Deluxe Coin Pusher Color Cingdom Colorless Life Cowboy Escape Crappy Day Enhanced Edition CRASHBOT Crazy Road Crazy Scientist Crimson difference Crimson Survival Cuco Cunning Fox Cute Hedgehog Cyber Fight Dark Snow Defense the Farm Degrees Delivery man simulator Devil's Land Dogcoin Don't Fall Don't Panic! Dragon Boar and Lady Rabbit Dragon Perception Dungeons of the dead Dupio Empire of the Dead Souls En Tactico Endless Fun The battle for peanuts Epic drag puZOOls Epic PVP Castles Eron Escape from pyramid Expelled Export Simulator Far Cnight FarCraft Favorite Miner Finder Finger Ninja Fish for gold FLYVALNY 20!8 Food From The Sky FORCE TANKS Forgotten Land FoxyLand Galactic Battles GALAXY 3D SPACE DEFENDER Gardener the Ripper Goat Life Goblins on Alien Planet Golden Dungeons Goro Guinea Pig H.I.S.T.O.R.Y T.O.R.C.H.K.A 2 Haldor Harmless Skeleton Hell in Paradise Hot Pool HUBE: Seeker of Achievements Hurricane Ship Ghost I Can See the Future In The Fighting Inaccessible world It`s Chicken! JellyNoid Jungle Jorney Killer Backflip 5 Kinaman vs Gray Elephant Labyrinth of AO Labyrinths of Atlantis Learn to Drive on Moto Wars LittleBigSoko Loader Lock Parsing Lock Parsing 2 Lost in the tomb Machine With a Big Gun Mad Dagger 2 Mini Knight Monkey Slap Mountain Troll Mr.Jezko Mumps NASWAY Need For Gowna NeoBalls NeoBalls2 NeoBoom Neon Brood Night Fly Ninja from Hell vs. Reptiloids Ninja jump No safety Nullysun Numba Deluxe OldGrad Olympic Team Only One Only You Peace Duke Peace Phantom PHEER Piggy Poggy Pog Pilferer PIXEL DRIFT Pixelord Plane War Planum PLAYERUNKN1WN: Friendly Fire PLAYERUNKN4WN: Zombie Please close the doors Potatoe Project Druid - 2D Labyrinth Explorer- Protect Me Psi Project: Legacy Pukan Bye Bye Purple Heart PUTIN 20!8 Quad Hopping Qubika Qvabllock Ranger vs. Space Mutants Real Drift Redium Reflex RKN - Roskomnadzor Banned Internet Road of Destiny Rocks and Rockets RollingBall RollingBall: Unlimited World Ruin City Gasolina RUSSIA HORROR 20!8 RUSSIAN PEACE DUCK : TAKE MY NALOGI S.T.R.E.T.C.H. Sapper BOOM! Scary House Season Up SHARK Shoottera Silent Tweets Simple Golfing Sky Dodge Sky Jump Sloppy Goat SMACKHEAD Smart Mummy Snake Road to apple Snakeez SnowFall Sos i Pie Sos Space Googy Space Hurricane Storm Space Lagat Space Leprechaun Space man adventure dash Space Mining Space Ranger vs. Reptiloids Space Shaft Spacecraft SpaceShot Star Sweet StepX Stickman Backflip Killer zone Stickman Race Draw Stone Flower Stunt Hill SurvivalZ Tactical Operations Tank Rush TARGET Temptation TEVA The Bridge The Castle Disaster The Cube The Last Hero The Lost Wizard The Moon Night The mutton horn - Jump jump! The Old Kazulka The Scarecrow The Shadow of Hell The Theodore Adventures The Thing: Space X The Thirst of Hearts Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 2 Tiny Mage ToaZZle Tower climber TOXIC PLUMBING TRIP Steam Edition Truffle Saga Underwater hunting Unity of Four Elements Unstoppable Hamster Viking's drakkars VODKA Walls in Dead WAY HOME Werewolf Life WIN THE GAME! WIN THE GAME: DO IT! WIN THE GAME: WTF! Your Bunny Wrote Your Car Shooter Zima uhodi! Zimbo Zombie Clicker Defense Zombow
Keys for $0.15 each or offer or $3 for all:
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
RIP - Trilogy
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again x2
Battle vs Chess
Blood Harvest 2
Hacker Evolution Duality
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair
Cyber Utopia
Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire
Robo Encryption Zup
World War III: Black Gold
Jack Orlando Director's Cut
Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love
Future Wars
Mutants Must Die!
Millennium - A New Hope
Ranger vs. Space Mutants
Violent Vectors
Septerra Core
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On the problem of alternative crypto-currencies

We need to have a conversation about alternative crypto-currencies, Litecoin in particular. I want to make the case that these alternatives hurt the case for crypto-currency in general, and therefore people should make a conscious effort to avoid them, even if it means forgoing some short-term profit.
Note that I strongly believe in personal freedom, including the freedom to shoot yourself in the foot. Therefore, far from me to censor individuals who wish to continue buying or mining Litecoin. What I hope to achieve is to convince these individuals that it's against their best interest to support alternative crypto-currencies which differ only slightly from Bitcoin.
Here's the heart of the argument: in the eyes of the public crypto-currencies are still a fledgeling concept, if they even register at all. We all know that one of the hardest parts of convincing someone about Bitcoin is getting past the initial "but where does it get its value" objections. Now imagine trying to have the same conversation as soon as several of these currencies are in the picture: people will rightfully argue that this business sounds a lot like beanie babies or other fads. Moreover, they will be afraid that if they were to invest in one of these cryptocurrencies that they might pick the wrong horse.
Suppose Litecoin continues to rise in value to the point it hits the news like Bitcoin already has. Do you think the public reaction will be one of sympathy to crypto-currency in general? I think it's far more likely that we will instead see confusion and scepticism. And all that time you spent convincing people about the virtues of Bitcoin versus fiat? Well, how do you plan to convince them that Bitcoin is the one they should care about, when the news starts talking about Litecoin, Beaniecoin, Metoocoin, etc?
To take this argument further, note that Litecoin's rise will bring its inevitable downfall. People will realise that if one alternative crypto-currency can rise, why not another? We may be doomed to see lots of copy-cat currencies, polluting the brand of the whole concept.
Does this mean I'm against Bitcoin alternatives no matter what? Not at all. What I think is that your novel crypto-currency better have significant advantages over Bitcoin (how about some world-changing idea that solves the scaling problem?). What I've seen so far from Litecoin and others are just relatively minor tweaks to the Bitcoin concept. This is far from enough to justify their existence.
To conclude: I know that with the advent of ASICs, many GPU miners are now tempted to switch to Litecoin or other currencies. Think twice before you do so. you may be shooting yourself in the foot in the medium to long term.
Disclaimer: I own less than one Bitcoin and no Litecoins or other currencies. Thus I have no financial interest one way or the other. But I do love the idea of crypto-currency, and would hate to see it flounder because of short-term profiteering and cowboy attitudes.
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[SG] Selling over 500 Steam games (keys)


Welcome to my Steam Dogecoin store.

I'm selling a few games and various inventory items.

Simply message me here or add me on Steam and we can get started!
Quite a lot of my game stock isn't available due to time restrictions so if you want a game let me know and i'll get back to you if I have it.
Here's a link my Steam inventory
Game name Price (Doge) Stock Has Cards
The Deer 250 20 Yes
$1 Ride 250 5 Yes
1,000 Heads Among the Trees 250 5 Yes
12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull 625 1 Yes
3D Tower 500 4 No
A Land Fit For Heroes 525 4 No
A Long Road Home 375 1 Yes
A Trip to Yugoslavia: Director s Cut 525 5 Yes
A Week of Circus Terror 500 1 No
AI: Rampage 225 4 No
ANKI 375 1 Yes
ASMR Universe 200 4 Yes
Ablepsia 625 1 No
Abrix for kids 500 1 Yes
Abrix the robot 500 3 Yes
Absoloot 625 4 Yes
Abstract Arena 500 3 No
Achievement Hunter: Begins 475 3 No
Across The Moment 425 4 Yes
Adventure Rage 400 4 No
Adventures On The Polluted Islands 400 1 Yes
Adventures of Abrix 525 5 Yes
Akihabara - Feel the Rhythm 600 2 Yes
Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends 500 5 Yes
Alien Hallway 525 1 No
Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded 550 1 No
Alien Shooter: Revisited 425 1 No
All Evil Night 425 4 No
Among the Heavens 500 4 Yes
Ampu-Tea 375 1 Yes
Andoran Skye XD 325 3 No
Apartment 666 500 5 Yes
Apocalypse: The Game 450 1 No
Apokalypsis 500 3 Yes
Approaching Blocks 425 3 Yes
Archangel 425 2 No
Arkhelom 3D 400 5 No
Art of Guile 400 4 No
Attack Of Insects 475 2 No
Attempt[42] 500 2 Yes
Aztecalypse 200 5 Yes
BALLOON Saga 525 5 Yes
Ballistick 175 5 Yes
Baobabs Mausoleum 450 4 No
Battle of Painters 400 1 No
BattleTime 425 2 Yes
Bayou Island - Point and Click Adventure 525 2 No
Behind The Door 375 4 No
Big Journey to Home 575 5 Yes
Bitcoin Clicker 525 2 Yes
Bloodbath Kavkaz 525 1 Yes
Bomb Defense 425 3 No
BomberZone 500 2 Yes
BoomTown! Deluxe 425 5 No
Botology 425 3 Yes
Breakout Invaders 400 4 No
Broken Dreams 250 5 Yes
Bullet Life 2010 325 4 No
Bumper 450 2 Yes
Bunker 58 425 4 Yes
Bunnyrama 550 5 Yes
Burst 325 2 Yes
CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect 200 3 No
Call Of The Mighty Warriors 525 1 Yes
Captain Backwater 425 2 No
Captain Lycop : Invasion of the Heters 500 2 Yes
Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja 600 5 Yes
Castle 425 2 Yes
Castle Werewolf 3D 450 5 Yes
Catch a Falling Star 625 5 Yes
Caves! 425 3 Yes
Chaos and the White Robot 525 4 No
City Siege: Faction Island 525 3 No
Clockwise 550 1 Yes
Cobi Treasure Deluxe 350 2 No
Collider 200 2 No
Colorless Life 425 3 No
Cooking Witch 400 1 Yes
Copter and Sky 425 5 No
Cosmic Dust and Rust 300 2 Yes
Countless Rooms of Death 600 1 Yes
Cowboy zombie 475 1 Yes
Crazy Buggy Racing 500 3 Yes
Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend! 475 1 Yes
Crystals of Time 450 1 Yes
Cube Master: Light Adventure (russian only) 200 1 Yes
Cubesis 600 1 No
Cubic 200 4 Yes
Cublast HD 375 3 Yes
Cubotrox 525 5 Yes
Cubway 525 3 Yes
DGU: Death God University 375 4 No
Dark Raid 625 4 No
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil 500 3 Yes
Darkness Ahead 600 2 Yes
Darkness Assault 550 4 Yes
Darkness and a Crowd 400 1 No
De-Void 275 4 Yes
Dead6hot 250 2 Yes
Deep Fear 475 4 Yes
Deep Space Dash 200 5 Yes
Defence to death 250 2 Yes
Defense of Roman Britain 425 4 No
Demon Horde Master 475 1 Yes
DepthMera 400 3 No
Desert Thunder 225 1 No
Desolate Wastes: Vendor Chronicles 425 2 Yes
Dino Run DX 475 2 Yes
Distorted Reality 500 1 No
Door to Door 250 5 Yes
Dots eXtreme 500 3 Yes
Doug and Lily 425 2 Yes
Dracula s Legacy 525 2 Yes
Drayt Empire 450 2 Yes
Dream Dealer 450 5 Yes
Drift (Over) Drive 300 2 No
Drive Megapolis 275 3 Yes
Duckles: the Jigsaw Witch 325 2 Yes
Dwarflings 500 1 Yes
Eaten Alive 200 5 Yes
Elements II: Hearts of Light 525 4 Yes
Elems 425 4 Yes
Elly The Jelly 525 5 No
Elysium: Blood Games 425 5 Yes
Epic Showdown 225 2 No
Epsilon corp. 275 5 Yes
Eron 400 2 No
Escape From BioStation 425 3 Yes
Escape Machines 250 5 Yes
Escape from here 475 1 Yes
Eternal Maze 525 2 No
Eurofighter Typhoon 200 3 No
Existentia 325 5 Yes
Fable Rush 475 2 No
Fairyland: Fairy Power 500 2 Yes
Fairyland: Incursion 500 3 Yes
Fall of Civilization 400 1 Yes
Family cobweb 375 2 Yes
Far Space Halloween edition 475 5 No
Far Space VR 450 5 Yes
Felix Jumpman 525 3 Yes
Final Quest 425 2 Yes
Final Quest II 175 2 Yes
Finnish Roller 325 4 Yes
Fjong 400 1 No
Fluffy 500 1 Yes
Fly Destroyer 400 2 No
Frankenstein: Master of Death 550 2 Yes
FreeFly Burning 275 2 Yes
Freebie 325 3 Yes
FrightShow Fighter 475 2 No
Fruit Sudoku 475 5 Yes
Fruit Sudoku 3 525 5 No
GEARGUNS Tank offensive 500 5 Yes
Gal-X-E 325 3 Yes
Galactic Fighter 500 2 Yes
Galaxy Admirals 550 3 Yes
Game Tycoon 2 275 3 Yes
Gamma Bros 1.5 350 1 No
Gelu 500 5 No
Gem Monster 525 1 Yes
Germ Wars 275 1 Yes
Glacier 3: The Meltdown 200 5 No
Glass Masquerade 425 3 Yes
Glass Wing 350 5 No
Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork 500 5 Yes
Glow 475 4 No
Go Mission: Space Travel 200 2 Yes
Gold Rush In The Oort Cloud 425 5 No
Golden Swords 650 4 Yes
GooCubelets 325 4 Yes
Goro 475 3 No
Grand Pigeon s Duty 500 2 Yes
Grass Cutter 450 2 Yes
Greedy Trolley 400 4 No
Green Game: TimeSwapper 525 4 No
Grind Zones 550 3 Yes
Guardian s Oath 400 2 No
Guide The Ball 425 4 No
Gunman Taco Truck 425 2 No
Guns n Zombies 400 5 Yes
Hacker Evolution Duality 500 4 No
Hacker Evolution: Untold 500 4 Yes
Hacker Series 475 3 No
HardBall 425 5 No
HardCube 500 1 Yes
Hardcore Survival 475 3 Yes
Hardcore ZBoy 550 1 No
Heavy Destinies 400 1 No
Hell s Little Story 400 2 Yes
Hero Quest: Tower Conflict 250 2 Yes
Heroes of Dark Dungeon 450 4 Yes
Heroic Dungeon 475 3 No
Hidden Object - Sweet Home 475 3 No
Hope in Hell 375 3 No
Hover Hazard 575 3 Yes
Hyper Bounce Blast 300 1 Yes
Hyper Box 525 4 No
Hyper Fighters 225 4 No
Hyper color ball 325 5 Yes
Immune - True Survival 425 4 Yes
Inferno Puzzle 250 2 No
Infinitum 525 3 Yes
Intralism 425 1 Yes
Invasion 525 4 Yes
Invasion: Brain Craving 300 4 Yes
Invention 475 3 Yes
Invisibox 475 2 Yes
Ionball 2: Ionstorm 325 4 Yes
Iron Sky: Invasion 525 3 Yes
Itineris 500 5 Yes
Izanami s Dream Battle 300 4 No
Jack Orlando: Director s Cut 450 1 Yes
Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire 450 4 Yes
Janken Cards 475 3 No
Jet Buster 425 3 Yes
Jet Racing Extreme 425 4 Yes
Joana s Life 500 2 No
Job the Leprechaun 350 5 Yes
Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One 525 2 No
Joy Pony 350 5 No
Judgement 400 3 No
Jump Like A Pirate 500 3 Yes
Jupiteration 400 1 No
Kabitis 200 3 Yes
Karma Miwa 625 2 Yes
Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun 200 1 Yes
Knife Battles 500 4 Yes
Krampus 350 4 Yes
Kronos 400 2 No
LA soul 375 5 No
LUXIS 525 3 Yes
Labyrinth Escape 500 5 No
Laraan 300 4 Yes
Last Horizon 450 4 No
Last Soldier 350 1 No
Leashed Soul 350 4 Yes
Let s Draw 275 2 Yes
Life Beetle 500 1 Yes
Linked 500 4 Yes
Locked-in syndrome 425 5 Yes
Loot Hero DX 525 5 Yes
Lost In Woods 2 525 4 Yes
Lost Moon 625 3 Yes
Love is Blind: Mutants 475 5 Yes
Lucid 400 4 No
M1: A Death in the Desert 450 2 No
MAZ! 425 5 No
MAZE LORD 500 2 Yes
MY FIGHT 525 1 Yes
Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest 500 4 Yes
Magdalena 650 2 Yes
Magma Tsunami 475 2 Yes
Malavision: The Origin 375 2 Yes
Marine Sharpshooter II: Jungle Warfare 375 1 No
Mars Industries 625 5 Yes
Masha Rescues Grandma 525 5 Yes
Match 3 Revolution 400 3 No
Mech Ace Combat - Trainer Edition 450 3 No
Megapolis 475 1 Yes
Merlin adventurer store 450 4 Yes
Midnight Carnival 175 3 Yes
Milford Heaven - Luken s Chronicles 575 5 Yes
Mission: Wolf 525 5 Yes
Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty 500 4 Yes
Monster Puzzle 325 5 Yes
Morphine 300 5 Yes
Mortifero Motus 550 1 Yes
Mover 450 5 No
Mystery Mine 475 5 Yes
NakedMan VS The Clothes 500 5 No
Nash Racing 650 5 Yes
NeoBoom 250 2 Yes
NeonGalaxy Wars 650 1 No
New kind of adventure 425 2 Yes
Nightork Adventures 450 2 Yes
Nightork Adventures 2 - Legacy of Chaos 425 2 No
No Way Out 525 5 Yes
Not without my donuts 650 3 Yes
Numba Deluxe 450 4 No
Nyctophobia 575 1 Yes
O! STRELALKA!!! 450 3 No
ORBITAL 325 4 Yes
Odd Even 375 4 Yes
Office Battle 450 1 Yes
One Star 525 2 Yes
OneScreen Wagons 475 2 No
Other Tanks 500 4 Yes
Our Wonderful World 625 5 Yes
Out for blood 475 3 No
Overhell 400 5 Yes
PARSE 500 1 No
PIRATADO 1 400 2 No
PLAYERUNKN4WN: Zombie 450 4 No
Paddle Battle 500 4 No
Painted Memories 500 3 Yes
Paradigm Shift 450 2 No
Perfect Fit - Totemland 450 2 Yes
Phobia 575 5 No
Photon Flux 425 5 Yes
Pills4Skills 600 1 Yes
Ping 425 2 No
Pixel War 600 4 No
Plantera 500 5 Yes
Police: Destruction Street 550 3 Yes
Potatoman Seeks the Troof 375 4 Yes
Power of Love 450 4 Yes
Pressured 375 3 Yes
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again 575 3 Yes
Project Abyss 400 5 Yes
Project Druid - 2D Labyrinth Explorer- 100 3 No
Project RPG 475 3 Yes
Project Starship 275 2 Yes
PulseCharge 275 5 Yes
Pure Mind 425 4 No
Puzzle Ball 325 4 Yes
Puzzle Galaxies 275 1 Yes
Puzzle Station 15th Anniversary Retro Release 100 3 No
Q.U.I.R.K. 525 3 No
RFLEX 525 3 No
ROMBY 550 1 No
ROTii 525 3 Yes
Rabiez: Epidemic 200 5 No
Radical Spectrum: Volume 1 575 3 Yes
Real 1942 400 5 No
Recovery Search and Rescue Simulation 475 4 No
Red Number: Prologue 350 1 No
Redemption: Saints And Sinners 375 4 Yes
Reflecting Fate 450 1 No
Remnants of a Beautiful Day 475 3 Yes
Remnants of a Beautiful Day (2012) 450 1 No
Reset 1-1 375 3 Yes
Rest House 425 5 No
Retro Space Shooter 525 5 No
Rhythm Destruction 500 4 Yes
Riaaf The Spider 500 2 No
Rich life simulator VR 500 1 No
Ringies 350 1 No
Robo Do It 625 1 Yes
Robo-orders 525 3 Yes
Romopolis 650 5 Yes
Rover Rescue 400 3 No
Run Away 425 4 Yes
Ruthless Safari 425 4 Yes
SQR 2 425 4 No
SUDOKU 400 1 No
Salvation in Corruption 475 1 No
Sandstorm 525 2 Yes
Save Home 450 2 Yes
Seek Not a Lighthouse 525 2 No
Septic Savages 550 2 No
Shadows 2: Perfidia 500 1 Yes
Shape Shifter 250 2 Yes
Shift 475 4 Yes
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe 425 5 Yes
Singularity Roller 425 5 No
Sinister City 625 3 Yes
Six Sides of the World 525 3 Yes
Sky Jump 375 3 No
Smithy 575 3 Yes
Snail Bob 2: Tiny Troubles 375 1 Yes
Snik 550 2 Yes
Snowball! 350 3 No
Snowman 550 5 Yes
So Many Cubes 225 4 No
Solaright 425 4 No
Solarix 250 1 Yes
Space Beret 250 3 Yes
Space Chaos 525 5 No
Space Hit 425 1 No
Space Incident 500 1 Yes
Space of Darkness 425 1 No
Spacecraft 375 4 Yes
Spectrubes 625 5 Yes
Spheroid 450 3 No
Spikit 275 3 Yes
Square n Fair 575 1 Yes
Star Drifter 450 2 Yes
Star Fields 500 3 Yes
Star Merc 400 4 Yes
StarFence: Heroic Edition 100 5 No
StarFringe: Adversus 100 1 No
Stars Simulation 500 1 Yes
Starving 525 4 Yes
State of Anarchy 275 3 Yes
Steel Punk Ball 450 5 No
Stone Age Wars 525 4 Yes
Story of the Survivor : Prisoner 425 4 No
Strange Things 375 2 No
Super Duper Flying Genocide 2017 625 2 Yes
Super Hardcore 200 5 No
Super Mega Neo Pug 200 3 Yes
Super Space Pug 600 4 Yes
Super Switch 350 2 No
Surfasaurus 500 3 Yes
Survival Tycoon 525 2 No
Survival driver 2: Heavy vehicles 575 4 No
Surviving in the forest 525 3 Yes
SweatShop 475 2 Yes
TILE 425 4 No
TacoFace 550 1 No
Take Thy Throne 275 5 Yes
TangramsVR 600 4 No
Tank Assault X 500 3 Yes
Tank Blast 475 3 Yes
Tap Heroes 400 1 Yes
Tarim 275 4 No
Taxi 425 5 No
Tenrow 625 5 Yes
The Agony 525 1 Yes
The Big Elk 450 4 Yes
The Deer 200 3 Yes
The God Paradox 475 4 No
The Housewife 500 4 Yes
The I of the Dragon 350 1 Yes
The Interview 475 1 No
The Journey: Bob s Story 425 3 Yes
The Last Error 500 2 Yes
The Last Hope 425 3 Yes
The Last Mission 400 3 No
The Magical Silence 500 4 Yes
The Moon Night 350 2 Yes
The Oil Blue: Steam Legacy Edition 525 1 No
The Orb Chambers 525 2 Yes
The Prism 425 4 No
The Quest for Achievements II 475 4 No
The Return Home 475 3 Yes
The Spirit Underneath 450 1 Yes
The Thirst of Hearts 375 2 Yes
The Village 475 1 No
The face of hope: Underground 450 1 Yes
The guard of dungeon 550 3 Yes
Three Digits 400 4 Yes
Timbertales 600 3 No
To Ash 400 5 Yes
Tompi Jones 400 5 No
Top Hat 450 2 No
Town of Night 250 1 Yes
Triangle 600 1 Yes
Triple Otakus Puzzle 375 4 No
Trolley Gold 575 3 Yes
Trouble In The Manor 625 2 Yes
Truffle Saga 100 5 No
Turbo Pug 3D 300 1 Yes
Turbo Pug DX 325 4 Yes
Two Digits 425 3 Yes
Undead Hunter 425 5 Yes
Unearthing Colossal 425 4 Yes
Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade 325 5 Yes
Unforgiving Trials: The Space Crusade 300 3 Yes
Unite Cell 425 2 No
Universe in Fire 375 1 Yes
Unknown Pharaoh 425 4 No
Uriel s Chasm 425 4 Yes
VITATIO 2 500 2 Yes
VR Snowballs 375 5 No
Visitors: Marine Invasion 450 4 No
War Cube 425 2 Yes
War on Folvos 475 1 No
Warriors of Vilvatikta 325 5 Yes
Way of Hero 625 2 Yes
Way to Go! 450 2 No
Western FPS 550 2 Yes
Winter Novel 600 2 Yes
Woodlands 475 4 No
Word Killer: Revolution 650 4 Yes
Word Killer: Zorgilonian Chronicles 550 5 Yes
Xbird 500 2 Yes
Zamarian 625 3 No
Zeus Quest Remastered 575 1 Yes
Zombie Shooter 450 3 No
ZombieCarz 425 3 Yes
Zotrix 1500 5 Yes
Zpeciation: Tough Days (TD) 325 4 Yes
dead_file.exe 425 5 No
rooMaze 500 1 Yes
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Ten Non-sensationalist Bitcoin Predictions for 2014

Happy New Year!
Since everyone else is doing it, I thought that it would be fun to put together a list of my ten predictions for Bitcoin in 2014. (Spoiler: I am not going to predict the final price per bitcoin because those predications are universally garbage. Unless you are tothemoonguy.) Without further ado, and in no particular order:
1) Regulatory Victories: Major nations in Europe and North America (including the U.S.) regulate Bitcoin as a commodity or security. Few if any treat Bitcoin as a true currency. That means that Bitcoin gains and losses will be taxable at long- and short-term rates, and wallet services will need to work quickly to provide accurate trading forms (with offsetting lots) for customers. Day-traders (including hobbyists) will likely need to register with the appropriate regulatory bodies to get preferential tax treatment. Silicon Valley tax lawyers rejoice when they see an influx of new business from Bitcoin's paper millionaires who are now panicked about paying taxes on the toys they purchased with appreciated bitcoin, cars, apartments, etc. By the end of 2014, China decides to get back into the game so they don't miss out on the next major tech boom.
2) Pot & Porn: Regardless of your personal values, marijuana and pornography are massive industries which straddle the line between legal and illegal. Don't expect BitPay or Coinbase to service these markets any time soon. Do expect one or more Bitcoin startups to focus nearly exclusively on these gray markets. Some will call them Silk Road Lites, I'll call them major money makers. (More tomorrow.)
3) Academic Interest: More academic study will lead to greater insights into the Bitcoin blockchain, price movements, and intrinsic value. I am personally interested, among other things, in using some of the blockchain's information to come up with a "fully-diluted" price for a bitcoin. Something that factors in a) the future bitcoins that will be mined on schedule, b) the estimated "dead" bitcoin from early miners who discarded or lost their private keys, c) the average sent vs. receipted split in bitcoin transactions, which affects the meaningfulness of "bitcoin days destroyed" - a weighted average bitcoin addresses that monitors how long they have been inactive. (Full topic next week.)
4) Wall Street Interest: 2014 will be the year that Bitcoin went Wall Street, if not mainstream. The Winklevii are still working on getting their ETF listed on major exchanges. SecondMarket's Bitcoin Investment Trust is a hot investment vehicle and now it seems that Fortress Investment Group and Pantera Capital have raised nearly $150mm for a new Bitcoin-related fund. Expect this to be the tip of the iceberg. I think we could see a major bank's trading desk integrate Bitcoin, and wouldn't be surprised to see a tiny startup like Coinsetter get swooped up for an eye-popping amount as a strategic acquisition / acquihire.
5) Volatility is Addressed: Bitcoin is still missing mainstream consumers. Without consumers, there will be limited demand for merchants to accept bitcoin. Without a vibrant transaction system, there will be limited value in bitcoin to investors. Without consumers, merchants and investors, bitcoins become worthless and the Bitcoin technology loses steam. Expect some new ventures to successfully tackle this volatility problem, including my company Inscrypto. Bitcoin doesn't need to be a currency, it simply needs to look and feel and act like one for non-investors.
6) Financial Cowboys Get Rich: Holy crap, I wish that I were a tech-savvy Wall Street guy because Bitcoin is a FinTech experts wet dream. Institutions might have to wait until the regulatory bodies green light their activity in Bitcoin, but individual day traders have no such restrictions. There are massive arbitrage opportunities between exchanges. Chartists can actually make money by exploiting trends that make the illiquid market inefficient for the time being. Trading algorithms may be written that improve system-wide liquidity and enrich their authors. Wild.
7) Entrepreneurs Solve Problems: Some of bitcoin's biggest critiques (volatility, illiquidity, etc.) will yield tremendous innovations in 2014. All an entrepreneur with a bitcoin obsession needs to do is spend a day on /bitcoin and he'll come up with a dozen startup ideas. As one MIT Sloan student asked me: "Can't you just take anything in financial services and make a bitcoin version?" Pretty much, yeah. That's why so many people are salivating.
8) Bitcoin Remains the Dominant Crypto: Bitcoin's healthy alt-currency ecosystem is good for Bitcoin the technology platform because it provides a back-up plan to any existential threat to bitcoin the currency. That said, the majority of developer talent is building on top of the Bitcoin protocol first, and the new layers and applications that are created this year will continue to strengthen the overall Bitcoin ecosystem. Expect Bitcoin to remain the gold standard of crypto-currencies, and Litecoin and others to maintain their silver, bronze and honorable mention status.
9) Bitcoin as Legal Tender: No, it's not going to happen in the U.S. any time soon. But I'd expect some countries to start storing bitcoin in their central banks in the new year. It's got similar properties to gold as a long-term store of value and the potential for exponential growth. In addition, I'd expect at least some government to accept bitcoin for taxes. Could be a national government or a struggling domestic municipality, maybe Vicco, Kentucky.
10) Price Appreciation: I'm not going to venture a guess into the future value of Bitcoin, but suffice it to say, I believe strongly that the currency will continue to appreciate significantly. Regulatory clarity, greater consumebusiness exposure, insane levels of developer interest, eye-popping investor interest from Wall Street and the VC community, and layers of innovations on top of the underlying Bitcoin protocol will outweigh any negatives. Moreover, the early adopters in Bitcoin aren't selling any time soon. Over half of Bitcoiners polled by Coindesk believe that Bitcoin will go above $10k USD in 2014. Absurd, but shows that this community isn't simply waiting to cash out when the Greater Fools make their buys.
So there they are. My professional crystal-ball predictions for 2014, which are incredibly safe and non-sensational. I look forward to checking in on them in six and twelve months, and hopefully becoming a rich man in the process. To the moon!
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Cryptocurrencies: How to join the bandwagon

“It’s a bubble!” scream financial regulators, cynics, and your partner’s Uncle Pete who works in a bank and has done alright for himself. As the Christmas sherries are poured and someone mentions that you’ve been dabbling in that Bitcoin thing, other relatives nod knowingly and someone mutters something about tulips.
But for all the experience of other generations who built their wealth via traditional investments like property, what’s going on in the cryptocurrency world is so unprecedented that comparisons to known economic cycles could be totally meaningless. And let’s remember too that “bubbles” as such are by definition unexpected outcomes. “Bubbles usually get identified in retrospect,” according to William Derringer, an MIT financial historian. “If we knew with absolute certainty that Bitcoin’s was a bubble, it would have already popped.” So if it’s not a bubble, what on earth is it all about?
A quick disclaimer before we move on: I am not a financial advisor, nor do I play one on the internet, this article does not constitute advice. In recent months I have learned a lot about the cryptocurrency world (which includes Bitcoin and many other blockchain-based currencies), but the first thing I learned is how much I do not know. My very tiny portfolio, comprising a range of different coins, has more than doubled in the past 8 weeks – but that reflects the market rather than any expertise on my part. And the critical thing to understand is that no one – not even Uncle Pete – can say with certainty what will happen next.
That’s become very apparent, in fact, in the last couple of days, where the price of Bitcoin fell 30% on Friday morning – the biggest drop since 2013 – and then recovered.
It’s ‘just’ code Part of what worries traditional investors is the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralised, and not backed by any non-digital resource. It exists as a computer algorithm, controlled by complex mathematical ciphers building an unalterable distributed ledger, verifying transactions through a process of solving staggeringly complex equations.
Do you need to understand the maths? Absolutely not. What you must understand though is that no-one owns the network, it’s a technology, which provides for a publicly-verifiable and intrinsically tamper-proof ledger. This ledger is the blockchain, maintained by hundreds of thousands of “miners” worldwide.
The concept of mining for Bitcoins or other cryptos is pure analogy
The concept of mining for Bitcoins or other cryptos is pure analogy, a way of relating the idea of abstract code to tangible stores of wealth like gold – something which gains its value because of a combination of scarcity and cost of extraction.
And there’s an irony here because when Uncle Pete splutters, “but, it’s not backed by anything!”, he’s overlooking the fact that the Bank of England came off the gold standard in 1931, and traditional “fiat” currencies are not backed by anything either. They are social constructs, which let us agree that something we call a pound or a dollar is worth whatever society agrees it’s worth. And for society, read those in charge of economic policy, who can amend interest rates, inflation, and the actual numbers of currency units at any time. The UK and US governments survived the recent economic crisis by literally creating new money out of thin air via quantitative easing, and they’re considered stable economies… at least by anyone trying to deal in Rupees or Zimbabwe dollars.
So if cryptocurrencies are purely digital, how do you deal with them? First, you need to acquire some.
money Purchasing Crypto (That disclaimer again: nobody has any idea what is going to happen, with thousands of coins on the market today – some will undoubtedly vanish without trace, and it’s terrifying to hear about people borrowing to invest or putting their life savings in. NEVER invest what you cannot afford to lose, and do your own research)
To buy crypto with fiat currency (like Sterling or Euros), you need to create an account at an exchange. Coinbase is one of most accessible, currently offering four of the biggest coins, and an easy-to-use application, enabling you to send funds from your credit card or bank account. Once you’ve done the normal ID verifications, you can buy very quickly. Coinbase charges quite high transaction fees compared to some other exchanges, but it’s where I and many others got started. In recent days the addition of Bitcoin Cash to its offering has created some disruption and reports of delays in withdrawals, so as ever, due your own due diligence – there are many other exchanges you can try.
So that’s it, you now own your first bit of cryptocurrency, and you can watch it rise and fall against your baseline fiat on the exchange – literally minute by minute.
From Bitcoins to Alt-coins: so much choice! Coinbase offers 4 currencies at the time of writing, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. But according to coinmarketcap.com there are 1,372 cryptocurrencies to choose from at the time of writing. What are they? This is where your research comes in. Most are effectively crowdfunded start-ups by any other name, trying to solve real-world problems by building a blockchain-based solution. Financial guru James Altucher predicts a 90% failure rate, which I guess is in line with new businesses in general, and that 1,372 doubtless includes a number of outright scams as well.
Back the right horse and you could genuinely see returns in the tens of thousands of percent
Back the right horse and you could genuinely see returns in the tens of thousands of percent, but for me most of these “alt coins” feel too risky, or I know I simply don’t have the time or professional background to investigate them thoroughly enough. Sometimes I take a punt when something looks promising, but most of my modest investment is tied up in Bitcoin and Ethereum, while I try to work out whom to trust.
Has anybody got a crypto-crystal ball? The good news is that the bar to entry is low, and once you’ve moved some profits to a bigger exchange, you can often take a stake in something you have a hunch about, with very little upfront risk.
So why does it feel like the ‘Wild West’? Because that’s exactly what it is. A largely unregulated new world, where some brave pioneers will clearly clean up – but where dangers from reckless cowboys, natural disasters and criminal gangs will wipe out many. No wonder it scares Uncle Pete, and it should scare you too.
But if you want to journey down the rabbit hole – with one hand in your pocket and your eyes wide open – it could be one hell of a ride in 2018. The good news is, apart from your time and judgement, you can learn a great deal for free, as there are some great resources out there. This is one collection I return to frequently, covering every level from ‘explain to Uncle Pete’ to really advanced stuff.
Whether we end up losing our stake and drinking out of paper bags under a bridge or speccing out our new Teslas to be delivered to our private islands, it’s good to live in interesting times.
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Bitcoin Mining Software ~ Free Activation Key 2020 - YouTube How To Mine 1 Bitcoin in 10 Minutes - Blockchain BTC Miner ... Best Bitcoin Mining Software That Work in 2020 🍓 - YouTube The Anti-ICO Bitcoin Cowboy (w/ Jimmy Song) Bitcoin Cowboy - YouTube

For example, if the price of bitcoin falls to $3,000 by March 27, the miner owner will get a payout of $124,000. On the other side of that transaction is Bitmain, which will be obliged to buy those bitcoins from its customers at $5,000 regardless of how low BTC prices fall. The Takeaway. Bitmain, the world’s largest maker of bitcoin-mining computers, chose an old Alcoa aluminum-smelting plant in Rockdale, Texas, for a new bitcoin mine. What is Bitcoin? Released as an open-source software in 2009, Bitcoin is often credited as the world’s first cryptocurrency and is best defined as a digital currency that only exists electronically. Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning it doesn’t have a central issuing authority or political institution that controls the amount of bitcoin in circulation. Cowboy Miners Facility Burns Down November 7, 2014 By Ian Demartino A 2.5-hectare Bitcoin mining company situated in Thailand, has burnt down after catching fire on the 14 th of October. FREE BITCOIN for the taking! Want to receive FREE BITCOIN? Ready to get involved in Mining Bitcoin? You are about to begin receiving and earning Free Bitcoin. Whether you know and understand Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies or not, you are about to begin receiving and earning FREE BITCOIN. This program that you have just found is literally the best way we have found for anyone with a PC to be able ...

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Bitcoin Mining Software ~ Free Activation Key 2020 - YouTube

Bitcoin Mine Timelapse upgrading to new technology - Duration: 5:18. Kyle Cosentino 50,131 views. 5:18. Follow The Coin Insights with Chelsea Rustrum on Meaningful Innovation, Value Sharing and ... Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin educator, developer, and entrepreneur. In this interview, the venture partner at Blockchain Capital explains why the power of Bitcoin lies in the change it brings. LIVE: Watch stocks trade in real time after jobless claims soar to over 3 million - 3/26/2020 CNBC Television 1,524 watching Live now ️ Download for free from http://bitsoftmachine.com/?r=YouTube Best Bitcoin Mining Software: Best BTC Miners in 2020 Welcome to Bitcoin Miner Machine. #Bitco... ️ Download for free from http://bitsoftmachine.com/?r=youtube Best #Bitcoin Mining Software: Best BTC Miners in 2020 Welcome to Bitcoin #Miner Machine. Bitc...