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Grindabit.com - Offer Walls for BTC!!! Details Inside

Tired of doing faucets for hours or days at a time to make a few satoshis? We've got a solution and we think you guys are going to LOVE it.
Offer walls consist of multiple offers from different advertisers. Some offers require purchase while others only require time. The types of offers you will find are trial period sign up offers, surveys, games and even completing tasks such as doing Google searches or other tasks around the web, and much more!
With your earned Grindabit Points you can purchase Grindabit Bitcoin Gift Codes in increments of 0.050 btc, 0.025 btc, 0.010 btc, and 0.005 btc. Your code is loaded with the amount you purchased and is redeemable at www.grindabit.com/offers/btc_cards/redeem_page . The cool thing about these codes is they are easily transferable, so you can use them as gifts, for trading, or redeem for bitcoin to the wallet of your choice. All you have to do is go to www.grindabit.com and click on 'Offer Walls' at the top to get started. We are doing these promos daily:
2.5k Gab Points Giveaway. For every 100 gab points you earn in a 24 hour period starting at midnight CST, you get one entry into a random drawing to win 2,500 Gab Points (any offers done thru a proxy or if otherwise considered invalid will not be eligible, and the next person on the list will win). This contest starts immediately
We will update the thread daily with winners. Best of luck to everyone, and enjoy BTC direct to your wallet from grindabit.com!
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Free Bitcoin - Grindabit Members Only Faucet (100,000 Satoshi)

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For those wondering, bitspoker official died this week. Apparently there were a real scam. Don't deposit here. And check Bitcointalk first if you do.

For those wondering, bitspoker official died this week. Apparently there were a real scam. Don't deposit here. And check Bitcointalk first if you do. submitted by coindrifter to poker [link] [comments]

5 btc guarantee tournament Sunday! - SatoshiPoker.org

Hey guys! Just wanted to open a thread to indtroduce SatoshiPoker.org in /bitcoin for any questions, feedback, etc.
We have the lowest rake at 2% capped, and hope to appeal to the reddit crowd :) We have invested a lot of time and money into the site are here to stay - just took a risk by adding 25k guaranteed s5500 tournaments daily, and 50k on Sundays. Also, watch for our rake race this week..
I personally hope to make some friends & hope you guys try us out - I believe we can bring growth back to the poker community and that bitcoin poker will continue to outpace traditional online rooms!
We will never stop working on site & client, and have a ton of ideas for the future.
Features: 20% rakeback + lifetime 5% referral bonus. HTML5 / Mobile client - no download needed Lowest rake - 2% Fast deposits/withdrawls Bad beat jackpot 100 and 500 chip freerolls daily Guaranteed tournaments throughout the day - including 2.5 bitcoin daily and 5 bitcoin on Sundays.
Upcoming: More promotions/rake contests VIP/Points program News/Blog more
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=186745.800
Grindabit: http://grindabit.discussioncommunity.com/post/Satoshi-Poker-Review-6326370
URL: https://satoshipoker.org
Cya at the tables! Brendan
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Seals with clubs hacked?

They have a zip file they want everyone to download and the twitter reads as.
Login issue. Seal team 6 is aware.
We should be back soon. Full assets deployed, Seal Team 6: Operations Division actively working on the login issue. Stay tuned.
Wonder if this has anything to do with this article. http://grindabit.discussioncommunity.com/post/Major-Bitcoin-Poker-Site-Hacked-6364340
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0.1 Bitcoin giveaway - Details inside!

Hello everyone! Grindabit.com is giving away poker freeroll entries, and all you need to do is sign up. Go to Grindabit.com, click on 'Offer Walls', then follow the instructions, and you're in! The process is simple and you will get the opportunity to win some free bitcoin! We run these poker freerolls weekly so be sure to check back often.
See you all on the felt this Saturday!
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Owner: Grindabit Interactive, Inc. Website: grindabuck.com. Price: free. Rated: 2.5/5.0. Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online. What Is Grindabuck bitcoin bitcoingaming bitcoin gaming bitcoin poker bitcoinpoker blog btc casino free bitcoin freeroll full-time gambling gaming grindabit gyft litecoin lotto ltc mtgox online poker onlinepoker poker poker dominicano pokerroom promotions review satoshi sealswithclubs tournament leaderboard US online poker winnings Grindabuck is a get-paid-to website that was founded by Grindabit Interacivte in 2014, and according to their website, Grindabuck has paid out its users more than $515,000 since inception.. If you’re familiar with other popular GPT websites like Swagbucks or PrizeRebel, you might be thinking: ‘haven’t other websites paid out a lot more?’. I mean, probably. Grindabit Interactive, Inc., a Delaware corporation, owns and operates Grindabuck.com, an online rewards and brand loyalty platform. Our Online Rewards Platform. Visit Grindabuck. Contact Grindabit Interactive. Feel free to contact us on our rewards platform if you wish to advertise with us or if you have any questions, etc. Most of and last but not least, Grindabit exists to bring education to the bitcoin community. As we embark on the general poker community, i hope that we can see new faces in the rooms and get them knowledgable enough they will be able to share the “awesomeness” of what bitcoin is all about and how that is the gel of bitcoin gaming.

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